The Accumulator Unit

For a perfect sound and musical picture, an amplifier has to be supplied with a very clean and stable supply voltage to the input stage. This is of the up-most importance. You have the option to supply the input stage of the Emitter with a perfect voltage, achieved with a separate accumulator power unit.

A separate unit is supplied with the Emitter and is connected with a separate cable to the control unit.
The accumulator power unit consists of 6 accumulators, each 6 Volt/12 Ah, plus an additional buffering capacity of 400.000 uF. An automatic charging circuit is incorporated. When the Emitter is switched OFF, the accumulators are charged with a low current supply. In the position Standby, the input stage is supplied for pre warm up from the charging transformer. This is ensures for excellent sound quality immediately after switching ON the Emitter. After switching ON, the amplifier is supplied from of the accumulators. The charging transformer is separated from the power network. The voltage of the accumulators is checked and controlled constantly during operation.

When the accumulators are empty, the charging transformer is switched ON again. When the accumulators are fully charged the charging transformer is disconnected from the power network and the Emitter is supplied again from the accumulators.

The capacity of the accumulators is calculated so generously, that the Emitter can be operated constantly for more than 100 hours. When using the accumulator power supply unit, the sound quality of the Emitter achieves a new dimension. The soundstage of high quality recordings can be so realistic they could nearly be touched with your fingers, the instruments stay very stable in place. Very small, intricate details, such as overtones and the spaciousness between the musicians,
become much easier to recognise.

The inherent dynamics of the music source, the listening enjoyment reaches a higher level of appreciation and becomes more alive and touches the soul. The powerful, dynamic sovereign and smooth reproduction, allows you to listen to `not so perfect recordings´ with pleasure. With the accumulator power supply unit, you will have more fun while listening to music.

Model Cost
Accumulator DC Battery PSU £POA

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