The ASR Basis Exclusive is our most complex Phono preamplifier and is in series equipped with the expensive MIL chip AD 843 SQ. The external power unit is based on the Battery-power unit for the ASR emitter with 400.000 uF additional filtering. In the housing of the ASR basis a buffer with a
further 700.000 uF is installed. The ASR Basis is fitted with RCA and balanced XLR inputs, it can also be fitted With an extra set of RCA and XLR’s if required. Thus the ASR Basis Exclusive has a very deep and strong bass fundament, precise dissolution of all the finest information combined with an
extremely stable sound picture.

In the October 2003 issue of the American stereophile magazine we got a very good test of the Basis exclusive.Michael Framer wrote: Rhythmic snap, among the deepest, cleanest, most dynamic bass I have heard; and midrange and high frequency transparency and clarity without etch, grain or brightness.I absolutely love the ASR Basis Exclusive

Technical data:

Weighted signal-to-noise ratio: MM better than 77 dB, MC better than 68 dB,
depending on gain,
frequency response: - 3 dB from 3 Hertz to 200,000 Hertz,

Accuracy of the RIAA Correction is better 0.5 dB of 20-20.000 Hertz.

Distortions : from 5 mV to 5 V AC at 100 R with 1 kHz < 0,01,
of 20 20,000 Hertz< 0,05 %

input impedance: Phono MM: 47 K, Phono MC: 5- 1000 ohms

input capacity: adjustable between 100 pF and 320 pF,

gain : universally adjustable up to + 32 dB
dimensions and weights: (B xD xH) ASR Basis main unit 43 x37 x8cm, 10
kg, Battery power unit : 44 x33 x15cm, 22 kg

Dimensions : 268 mm B x 300 mm D x 110 mm H, weight approx. 4 kg: 42 x 42 x 18 cm

Model Cost
Mini Basis PSU MC £POA
Basis Exclusive Battery PSU MC £POA
As Above with 2x RCA and 2x XLR Inputs £POA

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