The Emitter II

The sovereign entrance into the class of our large integrated amplifiers. The Emitter II was
developed in order to drive the most pretentious loudspeakers with ease of power. A basic requirement for this unit is an over dimensioned current supply: For each channel, one separate power unit with two large, heavy and powerful PM (Philbert-Mantelschnitt) transformers with energy saving circuit. In total, 3 transformers generate eight different voltages. Every voltage is rectified individually and pre- buffered. These voltages are used to supply separately the input amplifier, driver and output stages, as well as the control circuit. The Emitter II is connected to the power supply units with 2 double shielded cable, each 2 meters long. The 30 contacts of the plug-in connector are designed individually for 16 ampere.
The input sockets are made out of gilded massive brass. The insulator consists of high-quality Teflon. Massive silver wire Teflon coated is used for the music conductors. The 100 Amp speaker terminals with big lever grips allow up to three loudspeaker cables with cable spade connectors for Bi- or Tri-wiring. 4 mm plugs can be connected firmly and secure. To avoid any possibilities of short circuits, the pole terminals are fully -isolated and mounted with 50 mm distance.

A wear-resistant step switch adjusts the volume precisely with 32 relays. A micro-controller supervises
the correct function of all parts of the amplifier and protects against any possible malfunctions for the Emitter and the loudspeakers. The LED- display has a size of 35 mm and can be easily seen. It keeps you informed what is in process in the Emitter. Depending on the setting, the display switches off after 10 seconds.

Under the double-sided main board with special thick copper- tin layers, there are 60 mm2 mass rails,
at which the two boards are mounted for the buffering electrolytic capacitors.
Inside the Emitter II there are 20 powerful MOS- FET- transistors each with 150 watt, high-grade ceramic input circuits, fast foil capacitors and electrolytic capacitors with a total of 562.000 uF.

The Emitter II Exclusive version:

The Emitter II Exclusive sets another milestone in the consistent further development of the Emitter II. All possible improvements of the Emitter II are integrated into this version.The sound picture is very fast and dynamic, and the audio solution is increased. Furthermore, the sound is quiescent and even more relaxing, smooth and homogeneous. Through its extremely high speed, the Emitter II Exclusive reproduces authentically the three dimensions of good recordings into the listening room. The sound is faultless to such a degree that the audible location of the loudspeakers at the listening position is nearly impossible.

The two Exclusive power supply units achieve an essential part of these tonal improvements.
The well-constructed units are equipped with increased powerful transformers with improved magnetic core material, 56 ultra-fast rectifier diodes and 166.000 uF electrolytic capacitors. In the Exclusive power unit 8 different voltages are generated. They are used to supply the input amplifier, driver and output stage, as well as the control circuit separately. A special ferrite shielded power cable, 3x 2,5 qmm with a definite filter characteristic avoids the influence of high frequency power supply distortions and improves dynamics.

The Emitter II Exclusive is equipped with a military high grade driving chip, faster foil
capacitors and electrolytic capacitors with a total of 862.000 uF.

Technical data:
• Double- monaural-construction in a single case, mirror- symmetrical design
• MOSFET Class A/B technology
• Two separate power units with energy management circuitry
• 6 relay driven high level inputs
• 1 direct input
• 2 tape recording outputs
• Slot for phono preamplifier or balanced input
• Volume control with relay in 1dB steps
• LED display as operation indicator
• Infrared remote control for all functions
• Protection circuits to ensure against overload, override, short circuit, excess temperature and DC voltage
• Signal to noise ratio on high level input: 90 dB
• Rise time lower than 0,8 µs
• Distortion lower than 0,01%
• Damping factor: more then 1000
• Power consumption in standby mode: 20 VA
• Quiescent power consumption in energy-
saving mode with half supply voltage of the output stage: 90 VA
• Quiescent power consumption in normal mode with higher output power capacity: 200 VA
• Dimensions of control unit: 57 x 47 x 23 cm
• Dimensions of power units: 44 x 33 x 15 cm
• Weight of the amplifier: 40 kg, Exclusive 43 kg
• weight of one power unit: 28 kg. Exclusive version 30 kg

Equipment list of the different versions of the Emitter II:

Declaration of the different devices:
The Emitter II Exclusive is an Emitter II with two Exclusive power units, shielded power cable, enlarged
buffering with a total of 862.000 uF and has military ceramic input control circuits.
The two Exclusive power units are equipped with high quality components:
• 5 high power relays are used to switch the two improved transformers to the power network.
• 8 different voltages feed the separate power supplies to the input stage.
• 56 very fast single diodes are used for rectification.

• Improved plastic foil capacitors with an enlarged filtering circuit is installed in the Emitter II Exclusive.
The Emitter II Exclusive has increased resolution and spaciousness. The reproduced sound is more precise,
fuller, rounder with a softer approach to the delicate overtones. A more dynamic and defined bass is obtained.
The Emitter II can be upgraded to the Exclusive version.
Upon request, the Emitter II Exclusive can be equipped with an accumulator power unit for the
input stage with 400.000 uF additional filtering.
The result: achieving an exceptionally homogenous, spatial and relaxing performance.


Black elements - smoked case
Silver elements - smoked case
Silver elements - clear case

Model Cost
Emitter II £POA
Emitter II Exclusive / prepared for battery £POA
Emitter II Exclusive / Battery PSU £POA
Optional Extras  
All Emitter Exclusive versions come as standard with six high level inputs with 1x tape in/out, 1x balanced input for CD, plus 1x direct input for CD, one pair of speaker outputs and remote control.

Optional Extras can be specified and tailored to suit your requirements when ordering.  
Built in Active Power Parts (mains filtering and conditioning)   £POA 
WBT Speaker Output Connector £POA 
Headphone Socket (on front or rear panel) £POA
Second pair of Speaker outputs £POA
Third pair of Speaker outputs (emitter 2 only) £POA
Sub out (for powered sub) £POA
Additional Tape Output £POA
Seventh High Level Input £POA
Eighth High Level Input £POA
Balanced Input for Emitter 1/11 Basic Model £POA
Plug-in Internal MM/MC Phono board £POA
Plug-in Internal Phono Board
Plug-in internal phono board instead of Balanced
Input on Emitter 1 and 2 Exclusive
Please note that due to technical reasons it is not possible to supply the Emitter with built in phono board and balanced input at the same time
( this does not effect external phono amps i.e. Basis, Basis exl )

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