ASR Audiosystems have been successfully building integrated amplifiers, pre amplifiers, and phono pre-amplifiers since 1980. The concept for their integrated amplifiers are totally different from all other integrated amplifiers.

Friedrich Schaefer, owner and head of development at ASR Audiosystems has a very definite idea of how an amplifier should sound: The musical reproduction should be homogeneous and natural.

ASR Audiosystems has only one goal: combining the harmony and musicality of a superb tube amplifier with the accuracy and sovereign power distribution of modern transistor amplifiers.

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The Emitter I is the entry model, offering all the qualities of the Emitter- family. Separate power supply are keeping electro-magnetic fields and vibrations away from the control unit.
The power supply unit is equipped with two large and powerful PM (Philbert-Mantelschnitt) transformers with a smaller PM transformer for Standby operation.The two power transformers are switched ON softly with 5 high power relays in the energy saving mode. If required, they can be switched via a current limiter into normal operation mode.


The sovereign entrance into the class of our large integrated amplifiers. The Emitter II was developed in order to drive the most pretentious loudspeakers with ease of power.

A basic requirement for this unit is an over dimensioned current supply: For each channel, one separate power unit with two large, heavy and powerful PM (Philbert-Mantelschnitt) transformers with energy saving circuit. In total, 3 transformers generate eight different voltages.

For a perfect sound and musical picture, an amplifier has to be supplied with a very clean and stable supply voltage to the input stage. This is of the up-most importance. You have the option to supply the input stage of the Emitter with a perfect voltage, achieved with a separate accumulator power unit.

A separate unit is supplied with the Emitter and is connected with a separate cable to the control unit. The accumulator power unit consists of 6 accumulators, each 6 Volt/12 Ah, plus an additional buffering capacity of 400.000 uF. An automatic charging circuit is incorporated.
When the Emitter is switched OFF, the accumulators are charged with a low current supply.

The new ASR Mini-Basis Phono-Preamplifier is built in a case made from high-quality, lightly transparent acrylic glass like all ASR amplifiers. The inscription is engraved and coloured by hand.

The Mini-Basis is adjustable in the input impedance (22, 100, 47.000 ohms) and in the gain (+10dB, +16dB, +30dB, +35dB, +40dB)to use it with all usual MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) pickups.

The ASR Basis Exclusive is our most complex Phono preamplifier and is in series equipped with the expensive MIL chip AD 843 SQ. The external power unit is based on the Battery-power unit for the ASR emitter with 400.000 uF additional filtering. In the housing of the ASR basis a buffer with a
further 700.000 uF is installed.

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