Introducing the new Manger Sidekick - the first in a series of new loudspeakers designed for the home theatre and audiophile enjoyment.

The Sidekick is a small on-wall speaker that can blend beautifully with the interior surroundings due to its smartly tailored appearance. But being small doesn't mean sounding small too. The mighty little Sidekick is capable of delivering every note, every beat and nuance of the sound originally recorded just as the film creators intended.


Driver: Manger Sound Transducer (MSW) W05 1,2.2.16
Impedance 8 Ohm
Subwoofer: Optional: The Manger Subwoofer expands the lower frequency range of the Sidekick down to 20Hz.
Crossover: High-pass 1st order filter, Mcap + Mcap Supreme Capacitors Recommended subwoofer crossover frequency: - 100Hz
Frequency Response: Extreme Linear from 100 Hz to 25 kHz (-3dB), 40 kHz (-10 dB) through the boundary layer matching.
Cabinet: Polygonal housing, 7 Degree for optimum spatial listening throughout the room.
Dimensions: 30 x 41,5 x 12,5 cm (H,W,D)
Weight: 8kg
Wall Mounting: Complete kit including drilling template for on-wall mounting. Cable drain for speaker cable connection both from top or bottom if cable is surface mounted, or hidden connection.

Sidekick wood veneer £2370.00 pair
SUBSONIC active sub wood veneer £2000.00 each
HOLOPROFILES (optional sound deflector) £300.00 pair

Delivery within the UK is next day (TNT/insured) cost £12.00 to £100.00 depending on product

The ZB 103 and ZB 107 can be purchased using 1 Manger drive unit per speaker in the front panel (this is known as a upgrading version) or using 3 Manger drive units per speaker 1 in the front panel and 1 either side. The 3 Manger drive unit models are the far superior.
If you purchase a upgrading version i.e. 1 manger drive unit per speaker the cabinets are only available with cutted holes for the 2 side drivers, which are closed with dummy plates. This allows a cheaper purchase price and the availability to upgrade at a later date without having to modify the cabinets

** High Gloss and special Finishes on request i.e. Walnut burl, bubinga, piano black etc
High Gloss finish is a polyester varnish gloss applied in several layers. A feast for the eyes but nevertheless unobtrusive, because the surrounding is reflected softly.

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