The authenticity and naturalness of the music reproduction is of primary importance for us. The essential contribution to achieving this ambitious goal is provided in all our sound systems by the now legendary Manger sound transducer (MSW). A further, not to be underestimated role has also to be played by the frame provided for the sound transducer. Our finely designed cabinets and crossovers are therefore unified with the Manger sound transducer to produce perfectly integrated tailored systems.

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From Manger Sound Transducer to Manger Sound System
" It is simply spectacular how unspectacularly the Manger sound transducer reproduces music.”


Our sound system, aptly called "Zerobox”, lives up to its name and does not draw attention to itself but rather steps back to allow the more important task of propagation medium to come forward: - The reproduction of music maintaining the dynamics and spatial imaging with which the microphone recorded it, without any technical interference. In other words, as a music lover experiences a live concert.


(new version available summer 2006)


The Zerobox 107 is a passive sound transducer system with extended woofer expansion. The acoustical quality of the MANGER Sound Transducer is enlarged through two efficient 8" woofers from Vifa.


The Zerobox 109 is a precise monitoring system for recording studios, broadcasting, home recording - small cabinet dimensions for an excellent integration in living areas with little space.


MSM c1 fully active professional monitor

Extremely quick recognition or ponderous repetition?
Our sense of hearing is not just the frequency analyser it is often described as. On the contrary we humans perceive and evaluate in a temporal sequence first of all the noises, the so-called transients and then the tones (repetitions, frequencies) of the music. Each natural tone is preceded by such a transient noise.
These transients communicate to our sense of hearing the location of a sound source, e.g. where an instrument is located, and what type of sound source is involved, including its size. So that music, as a complex mixture of transients and tones, can be reproduced naturally, it needs an extremely fast sound transducer with precision operation.


The idea of developing a loudspeaker exclusively tailored to the Manger sound transducer has fascinated us for a long time. A design that would successfully celebrate this broadband transducer's longstanding reputation for excellence was both challenging and overwhelming, to say the least.

Throughout development our design engineers were often reminded of their self-imposed challenge to create an architectural structure that would reflect the innermost qualities of the Manger transducer - an irresistibly simple form, yet uncannily musical in performance.


You can't dispense with a deep bass sound; whether you are a music-lover with a wide experience of live concerts, or a fan of the surround sound of home cinema systems. The established Manger philosophy says that it makes no difference what style or performance you prefer listening to in the comfort of your own four walls. The kettledrum from the concert-hall should retain its original magnitude and the decay should not last any longer than in real life. And similarly the rumbling of a thunderstorm should also create a true-to-life backdrop.


The Sidekick is a small on-wall speaker that can blend beautifully with the interior surroundings due to its smartly tailored appearance. But being small doesn't mean sounding small too. The mighty little Sidekick is capable of delivering every note, every beat and nuance of the sound originally recorded just as the film creators intended.



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