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Manger-Audio UK is the UK concessionaires for all Manger products, and the distributor for ASR amplifiers and HMS cables. We sell direct to the end user so that the purchase costs can be kept to a minimum in other words almost a factory direct purchase. If you compare the prices of all the products that we offer to the prices from the country in which they are manufactured i.e. Germany you will find only a relatively small difference not thousands and thousands of pounds more, and the small difference is only due to import costs, shipping, insurance, higher VAT rate and a constantly altering Euro to pound sterling exchange rate.

We do not exorbitantly overprice our products nor do we make hundreds of percentage profits so we do not offer huge percentage discounts or any kind of so called “kick backs” or credit terms, Payment in full is required before any product is delivered. We do however offer a three year guarantee on all new products sold, we have an excellent upgrade path and offer a fair trade in against equipment previously purchased from Manger Audio UK.

Having been a hi-fi enthusiast for many years and having owned many high end products I firmly believe that not only are the products we offer some of the best in the world but also pound for pound and pound for music reproduction they are the best in the world.

ASR Amplifiers

At first our reason to represent ASR amplifiers in the UK was mainly because their technical specifications were more than a perfect match for the Manger sound transducer. In theory, a 10-fold rise time in the amplifier is necessary in order to achieve undistorted signal transmission. For the MSW with a rise time of 13 µs, the amplifier should have a rise time of 1.3 µs or less. "Fast" amplifiers, e.g. MOSFET, with a cut-off frequency of fg> 150 kHz meet this requirement. All ASR amplifiers meet this requirement, in our reference system we use the ASR Emitter 2 exclusive with a rise time of less than 0.8 µs and a bandwidth of 500Khz.

Little did we know that After acquiring the emitter 2 on technical merits alone, that we would be experiencing one of the finest amplifiers in the world that outclasses amplifiers of twice its cost. The ASR has the width of dynamic swings we associate with the most monolithic of tubed amplifiers, yet it is so incredibly fast I would say can only be described as lightning fast but totally homogenous, Bass is just incredible from deep deep gut wrenching to crisp clean and tight, Drums are so tight and fast on certain tracks it makes my eyeballs tingle. Sorry I just love this Amp.


We can supply all the cables you will need to connect your audio equipment all top quality supplied by HMS cables.


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